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المنتصر العظيم

عام . 2020

اللغة . الإنجليزية / التايلاندية / الألمانية

شكل . 8.5 × 8.5 بوصة

"رواية رائعة ومبتكرة عن رحلة الإنسانية يمكن الوصول إليها بسهولة لكل من البالغين والأطفال."

- بول يونغ ، مؤلف كتاب The Shack الأكثر مبيعًا رقم 1 في نيويورك تايمز

"أصداء جميلة لرواية أخبار سي إس لويس وتولكين للأخبار السارة التي ستشعل خيال الأطفال بالحقيقة الأبدية."

- برادلي جيرساك (دكتوراه) ، مؤلف كتاب الأطفال ، هل تسمعني؟

Dr Bernie Power, Author and Lecturer on Islamic Study at Melbourne School of Theology

“Based on my years of living in Karachi, a city in Pakistan, the story ‘Hamza overcomes’ seems so true to life. I met so many young boys among my students who were full of hopes and dreams, but their ambitions were being shattered in so many ways. In this story, the local bully and his gang, encouraged by Hamza’s apparent weakness and inability to retaliate, become increasingly oppressive and dangerous. By contrast, Hamza’s home is a place of refuge and wisdom and there he is being schooled in a different set of values. How will Hamza respond? The story takes a surprising turn at the end.

The offer of certain forgiveness and a response of unlimited grace are some of Jesus’ unique contributions to the religious context of his time and ours. This delightful story, brilliantly illustrated, is a wonderful way to present key aspects of the Christ’s gospel of love in Muslim contexts.”

Dr Stuart Robinson, Author of Mosques and Miracles

The heaviest load anyone carries is a pack of grudges caused by the refusal to forgive.


Forgiveness lightens the load it saves the expense of anger and the cost of hatred.


Forgiveness is our deepest need and may be our highest achievement.


It frees us from the past to face the future, not anyhow but triumphantly!


Learn more about it from Hamza Overcomes and his story of forgiveness. 

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