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In partnership with workers among unreached people groups, Create Seeds has produced many culturally relevant children's story books, Gospel colouring books, Sunday school lessons & visual aids, illustrated children's Bibles, and simple 2D animation.

Introducing Our Latest Creation HAMZA OVERCOMES

"Hamza Overcomes" is a practical story of Forgiveness. Initially based on Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan, it addresses both the challenges and the blessings of forgiving our enemies. Though written and illustrated for Pakistani children, its lesson is applicable to all cultures.


Available in English and Urdu


Dr Bernie Power, Author and Lecturer on Islamic Study at Melbourne School of Theology

“Based on my years of living in Karachi, a city in Pakistan, the story ‘Hamza overcomes’ seems so true to life. I met so many young boys among my students who were full of hopes and dreams, but their ambitions were being shattered in so many ways. In this story, the local bully and his gang, encouraged by Hamza’s apparent weakness and inability to retaliate, become increasingly oppressive and dangerous. By contrast, Hamza’s home is a place of refuge and wisdom and there he is being schooled in a different set of values. How will Hamza respond? The story takes a surprising turn at the end.

The offer of certain forgiveness and a response of unlimited grace are some of Jesus’ unique contributions to the religious context of his time and ours. This delightful story, brilliantly illustrated, is a wonderful way to present key aspects of the Christ’s gospel of love in Muslim contexts.”

Dr Stuart Robinson, Author of Mosques and Miracles

The heaviest load anyone carries is a pack of grudges caused by the refusal to forgive.


Forgiveness lightens the load it saves the expense of anger and the cost of hatred.


Forgiveness is our deepest need and may be our highest achievement.


It frees us from the past to face the future, not anyhow but triumphantly!


Learn more about it from Hamza Overcomes and his story of forgiveness. 

Our Award-winning Creation THE GREAT VICTOR

A gold medal award-winning epic tale of betrayal overturned by redeeming love, in a richly illustrated storybook that explains the Gospel for the whole family.


Available in English, Thai,

German, and Hindi.


Our book has been turned into a simple 2D animation!

The Great Victor trailer

Watch the full animation


Click the picture to see more


FHL_Chinese Version

Local field worker in the Far East 

Whenever we go to some villages before, if we just tell the Bible stories to the kids, they will not give full attention to us. They will sometimes ignore us. But when we started using the colouring book, we can immediately get their attention, they understand God's love easily.

"There are two Miao sisters whose parents died and they lived with their grandparents. Previously, when we went to visit them, they would not talk to us nor wanted to go near us. But when we told the story in the book, whose story is similar to theirs, and they started opening their hearts, talk with us and pray with us. Now they are being regularly discipled and I see the hope in their eyes.


our production in action

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