It's been said, “It takes a village to raise a child,” we also believe it will take an army of artists to meet the needs of unreached children around the world.

Coming this year, our very first online course:

If you are an artist and/or working with unreached kids and would like to learn how to tell stories through visual arts, our team is in the process of developing online training just for you. Or maybe there are artists in your community that God can use to bring your stories to life through art. We will guide you and/or your artistic team-members step by step on how to produce illustrated children's books and other visual aids that can help your endeavours to reach the children in your community.

you will learn: 

  • Your identity and purpose as artists from God’s Kingdom

  • How to write captivating Scripture based stories that are culturally relevant.

  • How to illustrate: storyboarding, creating characters, background, etc.

  • How to get it out there: book formatting, cover design, publishing (print/ebooks/book apps), etc.


In addition to course materials, as a student you will receive personal time with instructors, reviewing projects, giving feedback, and answering questions.


Join us to enhance your creativity, grow your skills, and be inspired to create children’s book/colouring books that communicate the good news across cultures.


More information to come...


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