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You’ll get:

  • 5.5 hours of teaching videos to watch over 2 weeks whenever it fits your schedule.

  • Downloadable illustrated materials filled with Information, Helpful Tips, Samples, etc

  • Unlimited access to all videos & textual resources, even after the course is finished.

  • Timely, professional feedback on your assignments.

  • Live Zoom Sessions with published author, Avril van der Merwe and CBM team.

  • Free access to an online community of Kingdom artists who love Jesus and want to share Him with the world.



You’ll learn:

  • The Biblical Foundations of Storytelling

  • The Art of Storytelling (all the nuts and bolts of how to write a children’s book)

Since Biblically based stories for Unreached Children must also be Culturally Relevant, all CBM Courses begin with a Module that covers topics like:

  • Who are the Unreached People Groups?

  • What is Contextualisation?

  • How do we do Cultural Research?

To encourage you spiritually along the way, you’ll receive Daily Devotionals about:

  • Your Artistic Identity in Christ

  • The Fruitful Value of Creative Gifts

  • How Creativity relates to God’s Invitation to join in building His Kingdom.

Course content


Time Investment:

  • 6 hours total for learning: video lessons & downloaded resources

  • 10 hours/week minimum to work on assignments

  • 1 hour/week for live Zoom & Feedback sessions

  • Stay on pace with weekly schedule


  • A Solid Story Outline with Theme, Plot, Characters, etc. 

  • A completed First Draft of a Children's Story with a Gospel Message

Course Expectation


Q. Is this course for me?

Yes, this course is for you if ANY of these apply to you:

  • You are a writer (or have a desire to write) and/or work with unreached kids and would like to learn how to tell Biblically inspired and culturally relevant stories

  • You have a heart to see children in Unreached People Groups encounter the Love of Jesus through storytelling

  • You want an intensive course that inspires and encourages, but also pushes you to enhance whatever skills you have in writing

  • You are willing to receive feedback and act on it

  • You desire to be part of a supportive creative community of fellow artists and designers

  • You already have an idea for a story and humbly desire guidance into developing it into a solid story that can be adapted for unreached children

This course is  NOT for you if…

  • You already have a story in your mind and do not plan to make any necessary changes to it

Q. I’ve never taken an online class before. How does it work? 

You will access all of the lessons on your own time through a website called CAMPFIRE.  We gather once/week for a live meeting of instructors and all students who are able to attend.  Throughout each week, you will complete practice and preparatory work according to your own skill level.  At the end of each Unit, you will submit an assignment which is assessed & personal feedback is given.  Of course, the more effort & time you are able to invest, the more you will get out of it.

Q. What format is the class taught in? 

All lessons are taught using pre-recorded videos and downloadable PDFs that contain a summary of the teaching, definitions, helpful tips, etc. Then, of course, a lot of your learning will happen through ongoing feedback and mentoring from your instructors.


Q. Can I access CBM online courses from any device? 

Yes, you can ask them during our live Zoom meetings or anytime on the Discord App. 

Q. What is a Discord App? 

Discord is an online communication app on your device that you’ll use to communicate with the CBM team & fellow students.  You will also be invited to join our Campfire Creatives Discord Community, where you can meet other like-minded “Kingdom Creators.”

Q. Wait, what? Campfire Creatives? What is Campfire Creatives Discord Community? 

Campfire Creatives is a community of artists associated with CREATE International who love Jesus and want to share him with the world. There are artists, animators, app developers, designers, cartoonists, filmmakers, writers, etc. who are part of this community. It’s a space to learn, connect and collaborate.


Application for 2023 is now closed

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