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Jesus' command to make disciples of all nations is for the whole body of Christ to take part. Partnership with the whole body is necessary to communicate the gospel and to see unreached children following Jesus. We need both artists and local workers to facilitate the making and distribution of these creative resources.

I am working with unreached children/I'm a church planter

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I have skills (art, design, animation, writing, etc)

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I want to sow seeds

children's worker

Perintah Yesus untuk memuridkan semua bangsa adalah agar seluruh tubuh Kristus mengambil bagian. Kemitraan dengan seluruh tubuh diperlukan untuk mengkomunikasikan Injil dan untuk melihat anak-anak yang belum terjangkau mengikuti Yesus. Kami membutuhkan seniman dan pekerja lokal untuk memfasilitasi pembuatan dan distribusi sumber daya kreatif ini.

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Kami senang bekerja sama dengan pekerja / misionaris yang bekerja di antara anak-anak yang belum terjangkau.

Jika Anda ingin melihat sumber daya anak yang relevan secara budaya dibuat untuk anak-anak yang ingin Anda jangkau, kami ingin bekerja sama dengan Anda untuk mewujudkannya!

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Jika Anda seorang seniman yang ingin menggunakan keahlian Anda untuk misi internasional hingga demografis yang paling reseptif, kami ingin membantu Anda mencapainya!

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Hubungi kami di:

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Skill people
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What our partners said about us...

We are so blessed that Create Seeds helped us provide a tool that effectively reached the children of the people group we target in an unreached area. It has become a great tool in initiating conversation, interest, and friendship. Create Seeds designed a book for the children among the Chinese Miao, Yi, and Hui. The drawings and illustrations are so attractive and accurate. When the children saw the graphics, they immediately relate to it, opening their hearts to the gospel and God's love. We have seen salvation among the children as we use this material. At least 300 children received this book; most are being discipled now as they made their decisions to follow Christ. We want to say a huge, THANK YOU Create Seeds! We are so grateful for your partnership in this endeavour. The seeds you have planted through this ministry is growing!

LORNA, Within Reach Global Founder/Vice President

Mitra Kami:


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